Preferred Vendor: Alex Nepa & Mint DJ Events

Most. Fun. Wedding. Ever.

Mint is different than any other Central PA & State College wedding DJ company.

What you get with Mint DJ Events

Packed dance floors, Wedding Ceremonies, Uplighting, Monograms & Lighting

Unlimited time.

Mint’s packages aren’t based on hours. They’re focused on creating amazing wedding days, not adding up how much time you use. Their reception package starts with cocktail hour and extends until the end of your reception (or 11pm – whichever comes first).

A real DJ.

Mint uses the phrase “real DJ” a lot to describe themselves online. What does that mean? Quite simply it means that it takes talent to be a DJ and they vet and train talent better than anyone. It’s been said often that a DJ that works for Mint for only a year is light years ahead of a DJ that’s been working for himself for five years (or more). When you book with Mint you’ll not only know who your DJ is, but you’ll work with them to plan the perfect reception during the months that lead to your wedding.


Being a professional can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To Mint, it means being a full time entertainment company. They reply to emails and calls quickly and they’re fully insured. It also means Mint invests in the best equipment to ensure that your event sounds and looks great with high-quality sound systems and wireless microphones. They also invest in training their staff and attending industry conferences to stay on top of trends and evolve to stay one step ahead.

They’ve got backup.

Things happen from time to time. If a piece of equipment isn’t working correctly Mint believes the client should never even notice. This means not only having the best equipment in the industry, but also showing up early for your event and thoroughly testing everything. They’ve built redundant DJ systems to ensure that if there’s a hiccup they’ve got a backup ready to go with little to no interruption.

(814) 238-1804

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