Payton & Chris

The Gnagey family have been long time customers and friends of Flair of Country, and we have had the honor of celebrating so many of life’s big moments with them. So, when Chris reached out about booking The Willow, it was a resounding YES!

Payton is truly the sweetest girl alive, and she is going to mesh right into their family seamlessly! We can’t wait to be a part of another Grand Gnagey Celebration!

The future Mr. & Mrs. met at the wedding of Payton’s cousin and Chris’ brother on July 14th, 2018. All moments leading up to the ceremony seemed to point them to each other. Between family members dropping hints throughout the morning and the two of them having a general interest in each other at a distance, it’s safe to say they had their eyes on each other from the start. As the wedding reception progressed and everyone was out on the dance floor, Payton and Chris somehow bumped into each other dancing. They locked eyes, then locked arms and the rest was history!

Dinner and a movie was their first date! They say they weren’t ready to split ways after the movie, so they ended up going to a nearby bar for a few more hours to keep talking. “That’s when I knew he was going to be my best friend.”

Payton & Chris say they knew almost instantly it was meant to be. When they met, it felt so natural… almost like it just ‘clicked.’

The Proposal
Chris proposed at Indian Lake with their families nearby. During the summer the two spend a lot of time at the lake, so the day seemed very normal to Payton, going upon their usual routine…. grabbed a drink, went to dinner, then back to the house for an evening boat ride. As they got back to the house and walked down to the dock together, Chris got down on one knee and asked Payton to marry him. To top it off, Chris had Payton’s mom surprise her! It was the icing on top of a perfect evening. They celebrated the rest of the night with their friends and family. “It was a night I will never forget.”

The Wedding
The future Gnagey’s have always imagined a giant dance floor with their closest friends and family dancing right along side them. They truly just want everyone to have a good time and celebrate with them!

Payton has always envisioned a ‘modern’ venue, but also loves the casual feel of a barn. She says she has always dreamt of a venue like The Willow, but there was never an option in Western PA. “The Willow is my perfect venue, I could not be more excited to have our wedding here!”

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